“In the late spring of ’82, a great hurricane swept across the Eastern Shore of Maryland, leaving ships and wreckage strewn across its wake. In the calm following the storm, a surly lighthouse operator was walking the shores when he heard a small cry. Beneath a nearby pile of seaweed and driftwood, he found a baby boy … a gift from the waves. When grown, this child would earn degrees in Astrophysics, Ninjitsu and International Sweetness, his career culminating in the creation of Chicken & Milk, a webcomic.”
– from the annals of the King

Jeremiah has tread upon all five corners of the earth, dreaming deeply and loving with reckless, skillful abandon. His voice is like thunder and his touch like a silvery drop of dew, freshly laid upon the grass. He is highly sought for his wisdom, strength, humility and skin samples. He has great hair and a dazzling smile, like Audrey Hepburn kissing a bear. He is strong like daffodil, yet tender like ox.

When you’re raised in the deepest part of the darkest jungle, you can’t help but smell like adventure.


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